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About Applied Genius

Applied Genius is a professional staffing services firm.  We strive for excellence in all fields and our talent specialists represent that excellence.  Our firm is comprised of professionals that have actually worked in the fields they are performing staffing duties in, not nameless and faceless recruiters that view candidates as sales.  Our talent specialists work 24/7 to provide you with the best possible experience finding the staffing solution you deserve.  Using our propreitary viral recruiting systems we bring fresh, strong candidates to our clients and provide the best possible user experience to our candidates.   Our talented staff is ready and at your fingertips, whether you're a candidate looking to make a change, or a client looking for that just right cutural fit, we've got you.

We at Applied Genius pride ourselves on being more than a staffing solutions firm, we pride ourselves on being your go to source to solve all of your needs.  Our services are ready and available whether you are a startup in need of a few staff to get off the ground, or a Fortune 100 in need of 300 fresh faces, we can and will find and fill your needs.

Needs Assessment

Applied Genius specializes in providing a unique and custom experience for every one of our clients, and in this vein we offer complimentary needs assessments for all new and incoming clients.  A team of our talent specialists can review your company and its needs, giving you our best piece of advice on what you do, and do not need to find the perfect solution for your company.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee proves that we have the uptmost faith in our talent specialists to find not only the candidates you need today, but anticipate your needs of tomorrow.

Sound good?  Then,

Unrivaled Service

See for yourself the unrivaled user experience that Applied Genius provides.  Your tailor made career solution will blow your mind at the hands of one of our talent specialists.  Let us find the career path that's going to provide you fulfillment today, and ten years from now.  Utilizing our unique innate knowledge of our fields, our talent specialists provide levels of counseling and feedback that you simply cannot find from another staffing firm.